The kitchen is used daily, so it should meet with beauty and comfort. Furnishing with furniture IDEA will make it easier for you to choose and will guarantee you the creation of a pleasant, conducive to both cooking and relaxation atmosphere in a modern kitchen. Designed kitchens allow you to design furniture according to the size of your kitchen, as well as the inclusion of various mechanisms that facilitate the use of modules - DTC hinges and mechanisms for a smooth closing.

The materials from which the project modules are made are MDF and chipboard. The style of each project is different, so you can choose according to your vision for the new furniture. IDEA furniture offers you both minimalist projects and furniture in a more decorated style and retro style. Retro style kitchen furniture is additionally covered with patina. Very interesting and attractive with the colour scheme is the project in pastel colours.

This is not a standard choice for the colour of kitchen furniture, but you will see that pastel colours perfectly harmonize with the furniture modules and create a cosy and beautiful kitchen. The contrasts of colours in kitchen projects are very relevant. The standard white colour contrasts impressively with the back of the countertop in a bright colour. One of our projects is with white furniture and a bright greenback.

We recommend these projects for a modern look and freshness in the kitchen. Also unusual, but very attractive is the combination in the project of kitchen furniture in dark colour and back in white. Small kitchens are a challenge for which IDEA Furniture has the right solutions. For a smaller kitchen, we will offer you a compact project that includes all the necessary elements, without cluttering the atmosphere and leaving little space. Classic projects also include proposals for modules with antique vision, purity and dark colour, for customers who see future furniture in this style. Among the kitchens designed, we would like to recommend the projects implemented by ERGODESIGN. They are made of new and high-quality materials, with modern design in accordance with new world trends.


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