Painting and decorating

The transformation of the domestic stereotypical environment into a unique interior concept, a kind of masterpiece - harmonious symbiosis, interwoven innovative handwriting with rich multiplication of ... more about this service


The layout of the bathroom is a good reason to study the market well, get acquainted with the fashion trends in the interior, and at the same time focus on finding and hiring a company that deals with ... more about this service


The kitchen is used daily, so it should meet with beauty and comfort. Furnishing with furniture IDEA will make it easier for you to choose and will guarantee you the creation of a pleasant, conducive ... more about this service


The subtleties in the installation of different types of flooring are many and require a careful and professional approach to each. And since the floor is the busiest part of every room and every ... more about this service

Dry lining

Drywall is one of the most used and favourite building materials. Its indisputable qualities provide many opportunities to build all kinds of suspended ceilings and "dress" the walls. Gypsum ... more about this service


We provide electrical services in residential and office buildings in Siondong and the region. Inspections, repairs and construction of new electrical installations. We perform assembly and ... more about this service

Loft conversion

More storage space, more living space, more quality of life - good reasons to transform an attic. However, if you want to expand your attic, you need to plan carefully and consider a few things. more about this service


Carpentry services related to the renovation of your home, office or specialized room. Doors, windows, roofs, exterior structures, gazebos and much more. more about this service

Home Renovation Services Swindon

NTG Renovation

We know that remodelling, creating new functionality and changing your home is an important steps toward change. We specialize in renovation services - maintenance, repairs and improvements of your home or office. If you looking for a professional painting and decorating, cladding, kitchens, flooring and dry cladding in Swindon, our team is the right choice. We focus on each client`s desire and make everything possible.

We have valuable many years of experience in the conversion of residential buildings from bathrooms and living rooms into kitchens and specialized rooms. We work with you to really create your vision for change.


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